List of products by brand Logona

Logona has been for over 30 years to the most important partners for MiraHerba. In the ' 70s, belongs to the company Logona today of the largest brands in the natural cosmetics industry. The better – thought-out already at the beginning of the history of the company, the makers of natural cosmetics products. Until today, the drive in the company, authentic and certified natural cosmetics products remained the same. The brand products are Made in Germany and are developed according to strict quality criteria in Germany.

Logona natural cosmetics meet the criteria for controlled natural cosmetics and carries the appropriate seal of NATRUE. Also, the Bio-Siegel was of Logona awarded. The products of the skin care line are free of synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. Also paraffin oils in the ingredients will be in vain. The production always takes place according to strict ecological standards, namely, the pharmaceutical production standard for products which are with man and the environment in harmony.

Logona - Lava Earth Wash Cream Patchouli - 200ml

Price €7.45*
(€37.25*/ 1 l)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Lava earth cleans extremely gently, because its cleaning power is based on a purely physical active principle: When mixed with water, lava earth binds dirt and fat particles and makes it easy to rinse off. Contents: 200 ml

Logona - lava-earth powder, Mineral washing earth 300g

Price €8.67*
(€28.17*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The particularly gentle cleansing with natural clay minerals irritation is completely free and very skin-friendly. LOGONA lava earth cleans skin and hair without the natural protection layer is depleting. Brown Rhassoul is especially recommended for sensitive or blemished skin, sensitive scalp, dandruff or greasy hair. With lava earth washed hair silk is...