Logona - Lava Earth Wash Cream Patchouli - 200ml


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Lava earth cleans extremely gently, because its cleaning power is based on a purely physical active principle: When mixed with water, lava earth binds dirt and fat particles and makes it easy to rinse off.

Contents: 200 ml



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The particularly skin-friendly cleaning with natural clay minerals is completely free of irritation and very skin-friendly. LOGONA lava earth cleanses skin and hair without leaching out the natural protective layer. Brown lava earth is particularly recommended for sensitive or impure skin, a sensitive scalp, dandruff or oily hair. The white lava earth, which is rich in kaolin, is recommended for dry and sensitive skin or fine hair. Hair washed with lava earth becomes silky soft and shiny and has to be washed less often in the long run.

Incidentally, lava earth is not only good for people: It is 100% environmentally friendly because it does not contain any surfactants or other substances that could pollute the wastewater


Spread about a walnut-sized amount of lava clay in wet hair and on the skin and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Purified water, lava earth, organic alcohol *, neem extract *, patchouli oil, amino acid derivative, lavender oil **, essential oil ingredients **

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