Compostella - 1 for 4 paper budget - 8m roll

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Never again film!

The new "1 for 4-paper" is replaced cling film, aluminum foil, wrapping paper and silicone-coated baking paper. It is fully compostable. The ecological Alternative to the film was awarded the Federal Ecodesign award in 2018.

Contents: 1 roll of 8 m


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Instead of cling film, aluminium foil, wrapping foil and silicone-coated baking paper, there are now biodegradable, completely natural, pure paper: COMPOSTELLA "1 for 4-paper", which was awarded the Federal Ecodesign award in 2018.


1. Never more parchment paper!

With a bit of Butter or Margarine greased Compostella "1 for 4-paper," the ideal natural Alternative to silicone-coated baking paper. Simply desired length of paper torn down, on the baking sheet with Butter or Margarine to grease (important!) otherwise, the cake or the cookie may be attached. The paper is heat resistant up to 220° C, grease-proof, and of course fully compostable.

2. Never more cling film!

Opened food and leftovers stay fresh longer and appetizing, if the storage vessels with a damp COMPOSTELLA 1 for 4-paper will be covered. And this is how it is done: the Desired length of paper to tear off under the faucet, strong, wet, water again, press out, carefully unfold, and in a moist condition over the bowl or the edge of the Pot margins. The paper nestles at the harness edge, and protects the contents from drying out.

3. Never more tin foil!

Almost everywhere, where aluminum foil was used, can now be Compostella 1 for 4 used paper. For example, slide potatoes prima cooking without aluminum foil in the oven. Simply desired length of paper to tear off under the faucet, strong, wet , water again press the potatoes in a damp paper wrapping, in the oven and you're done! Also for fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. Food in a damp paper wrapping and cooking.

4. Never impact film!

Fatty foods such as sausage, cheese, smoked fish, etc., stay longer appetizing when they are wrapped in Compostella 1 for 4 paper. The natural paper is due to a special manufacturing procedure, breathable and grease-proof at the same time, a Mold of the chosen food is virtually impossible. The paper is also neutral in taste and odour, it has no odor, it to the Packed food could be transferred. Guaranteed to be free of recycled paper.

Material: Paper

100% unbleached cellulose from the European crawl-wood, FSC - and PEFC - certified.
Chlorine - and acid-free, free of chemical additives, silicone-free, grease-proof, and heat resistant up to 220° C. Food-safe, breathable, completely pure, without coating, without impregnation without varnishing. ...Just paper.
The semi-glossy finish does not come by the way of a coating or impregnation – it is created during the pressing process by means of hot steel rolling (calendering), i.e. purely mechanically.
Logical: Combustible! Do not throw into open re!

100% compostable: COMPOSTELLA 1 for 4-paper is a pure, natural material and should not be used after the use of the green or brown bins, and the garden compost to be fed. Decomposition duration of approximately 12-14 days.

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