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The dishwasher cleaner from AlmaWin combines effective performance with a consciousness for nature and sustainability!

The cleaner degreases, descales, removes odors, and maintains rubber and metal parts - so function prevent interference and the life of your machine is extended.

Dishwasher cleaner - Also for the washing machine!

Contents: 2 x 100g pouches




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Unlike conventional cleaning products, dishwasher cleaner from AlmaWin but not of the environment to the load - the eco-certified and biodegradable concentrate consists of natural raw materials of vegetable and mineral origin, the packaging is recyclable so that the resources of the planet through sustainable and responsible economies spared!

Safety warning: Causes severe eye irritation. He is a medical advice is required, have product container or label at hand. Must not get into the hands of children. IN case of CONTACT WITH EYES: rinse cautiously for Several minutes with water. Any existing contact lenses remove. Continue to rinse. If eye irritation persists: get Medical advice consult medical help. Tank just completely rest of the material collection is emptied.


Dishwasher :
1 Bag = 1 Flushing/Cleaning Gear.
AlmaWin dishwasher frees cleaner for the interior of the dishwasher, the spray arms and the filters use active lime and fatty deposits.
Regular application depending on the Spülaufkommen the best performance of the dishwasher is extended.

Instructions for use:
The dishwasher is empty. Dosing depot with the dishwasher cleaner-powder filling, closing, flap. The rest of the Dishwasher detergent powder on the surface of the open dishwasher door
distribute, close the door. Wash programme with the highest temperature select, start and let it run through.

Washing machine:
Basic Cleaning: 2 Bags
Regular application (depending on the wash volume): 1 bag
The dishwasher cleaner cleans thoroughly your washing machine and reliably removes lime, dirt, deposits and odours, particularly in inaccessible Places, such as drum, pipes, heaters, and other hard-to-reach Parts. Regular application protects the machine, ensures energy-saving Washing and prolongs the optimal
Performance of the machine.

Instructions for use:
Cleaners in the main Einspülkammer of the washing machine. Main washing cycle (min. 60°C) without prewash without detergent and without Laundry to start.


<5% anionic surfactants. Other Ingredients: Citric Acid.
100% of ingredients are of natural origin.

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