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The Nepalese variant of the Chinese Szechuan pepper with a pronounced orange-lemon note.

Even if you hold your nose to the pepper, an intense scent of lemons, limes and grapefruit flows towards you. A wonderful companion for fish and seafood that also goes well with many Asian dishes.

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This pepper has been used by the inhabitants of the Himalayas for thousands of years. It is related to the famous Szechuan pepper, but its berries are larger and lighter. The aroma bouquet of Timut is similar to that of Szechuan pepper: beguiling notes of passion fruit and citrus fruits, with powerful notes of rose, jasmine and hyacinth and light nuances of smoke and wood.

Its spiciness is very peppery and just like the Szechuan pepper, the Timut also has an anesthetic effect - but less pronounced.

The Timut pepper is also available in a 50g jar.

Cooking with Timut pepper

Timut goes very well with:

  • Fish: white fish, fish carpaccio, tartare and cheviche, fish and crustacean bouillons,
  • Crustaceans: Norway lobster, lobster, lobster, scallops, scampi
  • Meat: white meat, poultry, pork, veal, duck, lamb, turkey
  • Cheese: fresh and young goat cheese
  • Desserts: mango, pineapple, citrus fruits, strawberry, melon, lychee, passion fruit, apricot and chocolate.


Timut pepper.

Origin: Nepal

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