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As Tsukemono, beizeichnet in Japan, in salt or sauces to pickled vegetables, which is eaten both to main meals as a side dish, or as a Snack to a beer.

With the Japanese salad press (Tsukemonoki) ferment quickly, easily and hygienically your own fruit and vegetables.

The strong suspension of the Tsukemonoki compresses the vegetables, which liquid secretes from alone.

Contents: 1 Salad Press, 1.2 Litre Capacity



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The vegetables or the fruits clean and if necessary peel. Softer varieties such as cucumber and Mango into thick slices, firm vegetables such as carrots and radish in thin slices.

1.5 kg of vegetables is about 15 grams of salt.

Everything in the Tsukemonoki layers, each layer of salts easily. The Tsukemonoki lid on the lower part of the screws.

After an hour the vegetables should be covered by the spilled juice. After two hours, you can use the pickled vegetables as a quick Tsukemono.

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