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Your fasting week langhana was developed by us on the basis of Ayurvedic principles for cleansing and nutrition. Fasting is ideal as a spring and autumn cure, as it brings you freshness and lightness to start the new seasons strengthened. Through the targeted detoxification and the subsequent intake of cleverly composed tea blends, various warm juices and natural vegetable broth, your body is gently cleansed and rebuilt. You will notice that your mind can also regain calm and new clarity

Duration: 7 days

You will receive detailed instructions for your fasting week. The week of fasting is mainly designed to reduce Kapha.



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  • A week off.
  • Relief and discharge with Triphala
  • With detailed instructions, plan for the week, diet rules, instructions for Abhyanga (massage)
  • The fasting week can be extended with the detox week


Vata, Pitta, Kapha, the so-called dosas, each have specific functions in the body.
The 5 elements from which they are composed form the properties (guna) and the specific taste (rasa).

In Ayurveda medicine, maintaining and promoting health through a balanced diet (ahara) and lifestyle (vihara) is considered to be elementary.

Various properties similar to the respective dosa increase the dosa activity. In connection with a weak digestive fire and a dosa-aggravating diet and lifestyle, the body tissues (dhatus) are weakened and initial discomfort occurs. An overactive dosa leads after a certain time to an imbalance in the body, symptoms and, in the worst case, to a corresponding disease.

Our cleansing cures reduce the increased dosas, strengthen the agni and regulate bowel activity. The organism can find its way back to its natural balance. The body channels are cleaned with herbs, spices or ghee and the metabolic waste products (ama) are removed.

Checklist: contraindications

Only those who are physically fit are allowed to undergo an Ayurvedic cleansing regimen at home. We recommend that you always have your general practitioner confirm your suitability in advance. Anyone recovering from an operation or serious illness, pregnant or breastfeeding a child should not purge at all.

In the case of the following complaints, you should discuss the decision for or against this cure with your doctor or your alternative practitioner and, if necessary, only take it out under medical supervision or in an alternative practice:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • People with a tendency to bleed
  • Children under 18 years
  • People with significant hyperthyroidism
  • People with circulatory disorders of the brain
  • Type 1 diabetic


  • Detailed instructions for your fasting week
  • 60 triphala capsules Nimi
  • 10 g Asafoetida Cosmoveda *
  • 500 g Davert brown rice *
  • 500 g Mungdhal Cosmoveda *
  • 25 g Dhal Masala Cosmoveda *
  • 150 g Ghee Cosmoveda *
  • 500 g base breakfast porridge Rapunzel *
  • 300 g vegetable stock yeast-free Rapunzel *
  • 50 g trikatu *
  • 100 g fasting tea / tea No. 13 Miraherba *
  • 3 x 0.7 l Voelkel vegetable juice in a tetrapack *
  • 3x disposable enema (enemas)

* from controlled organic cultivation

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