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Gesundheit - Vitalität - Kraft

14 different medicinal herbs help you with cold symptoms, such as cough, fever, runny nose and body aches.
The lacto-intensive active complex of the Bioturm products supports and maintains the natural protective function of the intimate flora.
Our planet is drowning in plastic waste, but we can change that. With stainless steel lunch boxes of the best quality.



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Do you have questions about our ayurvedic products or to a corresponding application? We are available and happy to help you!
Sabine Deutscher, studied Ayurvedic medicine with the Master of Science degree.For 30 years, she is familiar with the topic Ayurveda and performs as a naturopath in her private practice. Many ayurvedic products, which are availble in our online shop, are used on a daily basis. Another focus of the practice is the regular instruction of fasting-courses. Through the experience gained over many years, we can offer you our fasting-packages for at home usage.

A telephone information or written request by e-mail does not replace consultation with your primary care physician or medical practitioner and Ayurvedic physicians. When complaints persist, please consult your GP first before contacting us.


Your wellbeing is the focus. Contact us if you have any questions and use our 35 years of experience in nutrition, health care and health..
We offer you only the highest quality. We tested all the products of our manufacturers ourselves to ensure they meet our requirements.
Transparency - We know not only our products, but also the manufacturers and their distribution channels. The focus is on our partners' sustainable action.
We offer you a hand-picked assortment. Every day we are looking for new special products. Many manufacturers who share our values are not available in conventional trading.


In our online shop you will find selected products from controlled organic cultivation: from healthy tea or muesli mixtures to rich skin and hair care products to the much lauded superfoods. A prerequisite for inclusion in our product range is the absence of chemical or synthetic additives. In order to distinguish conventionally cultivated from biologically controlled products, the quality label BIO has been available in Germany since 2011, with which only products from organic cultivation may be labeled.

Many of our products are produced according to the strict building guidelines of Bioland, Demeter or similar cultivation associations. So-called natural food does not have to come from organic farming under this regulation. We attach importance to a higher quality standard. That's why you can find organic food and care products in our online shop, where available.

Do we live with this motto? In fact, organic products have a higher health value. This is because they contain no pesticides, heavy metals or other impoverishing substances. They are guaranteed free from residues of synthetic fertilizers. During processing, artificial additives for preservation, unnatural dyes, flavor enhancers or gassing are dispensed with. Allergy sufferers in particular react sensitively to harmful substances and, if possible, should resort to organic food. The positive effect of organic farming on the environment and biodiversity is undeniable.

Find with us a selection of the best organic products and do something good for your health!